Thursday, October 8, 2009

I know him.. that guy!!

My dog's vet's nephew's teacher's uncle's son's brother's friend's sister is a Nobel laureate.

Its heartening to see the way India(at least the media OR polits) want to associate itself to any success story with any godamn remote Indian connection.

I mean.. look at the front paper of any Indian news paper today.
"INDIA BORN Venky Ramakrishnan bags a Nobel Prize". If its for the sake of news the title should have been "Venky Ramakrishnan bags a Nobel Prize". The state feels proud, Indian Scientific fraternity comes front to speak at length on Venky's profeciency.

Sadly, this isnt the first time..

"India Born Kalpana Chawla",
"Sunita Williams of Indian origin",
"Indira Nooyi:India's new global face"
"Manoj KNIGHT shyamalan - The Indian Boy"
"India-born Vinod Dham"
"Sabeer Bhatia - Indian IT Poster boy"

... the list continues

What did India do to see them where they are there today??

OK. Message taken. Indians have the potential!

Then the State should give them the platform. Encourage them.. Or else we will keep looking at "Indian born" and "of Indian origin" making it to the Nobel and Pulitzer and not an "Indian" making it.


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Executive what???

I'm not sure how many moms know what their sons/daughters do for their living. I mean... the profession of "their kids". They might know in a broad perspective as to where it falls but not about the designation or the complications involved. Here's what transpired between my mom and me when I tried explaining my job.



I work for a leading Search and Selection firm in India - assisting big MNCs and niche start-ups find leadership talent. (At least, thats what I'm supposed to say to ppl for a briefer).


My mom has a faint idea that I did my masters specializing in HR.. and hence of the belief that her son is shooting down stars in that arena. Well... that’s more than what she needs to know for a peaceful life. Good.

One fine day, I saw my mom talking to her long lost friend over the phone... exchanging pleasantries, old time memories, recent gossips and about their respective kids. *Question from the other end of the phone: So.. whats Sri doing. Was a puny little thing with a red "chaddi" and running nose when I saw him last. (Gosh!! the colour "RED" + runnign nose - Did I ever exist??)

Well... he is a grown boy.. sorry.. young man... married with a daughter. "HE IS WORKING IN SOME / AS SOME HR".(what does that mean). The all understanding blessed soul at the other end reports about her side of story and manages to hangup.

Mom asks: Shall I serve dinner??

Me: Yes Ma... by the way... do you really know what I really do at my office??

Mom: Yes.. some HR stuff!

Me: Ma... I'm into "executive search"

Mom: executive WHAT??

Me: Search... We scout for senior people in the industry and connect them with suitable opportunities/organisations.

Mom: That sounds like what Govindan does..

***Govindan is a marriage broker. hooks up prospective bride and grooms.

I didn't know what to say.. I paused for a couple of seconds and said... amma... konjam sambar oothu (Serve me some sambar).

Ippadikku - Sri

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Once upon a time in India...

I represent a generation that grew up listening AIR( All India Radio). Our days started with “Seidhigal Vaasipadhu” Saroj Narayanaswamy. Our lives were less complicated then…We never woke up to the front page of news papers covering “serial bomb blasts”, “day light rapes” or “abortion at schools”. Page 3 is the page number 3. No more significance.

DD was reigning supreme then (obv). No TRP crap!! Krishi Dharshan, Vayalum Vhaazhvum, Ramayan, MahaaaaaBhaaarat, Malgudi Days (Swameeeeee), StoneBoy, Humlog etc. “Rukavat ke liye kedh hai” is a message that was universally accepted. Never seen a Pump Set Advert that flaunts a micro clad model. The moment the hero and heroine come within an arms distance, the scene changes to a bee hovering over a fresh bloom flower.

Sundays were sheer fun. Rangoli followed by HE-MAN, Amma’s special vengaya sambar and urulakazhangu kari + Appalam. Kodi kuduthalum adhukku nigar illai.

Pasta and Pizza were like UFOs to us. Have heard about them but never seen it. Never realized when fast food came into our lives.

Should we need to talk to an STD number, we wait till 9:00 PM so that it would be half the charge. The conversations were loud and short! For that matter, having a telephone at home would differentiate your strata then.

Fountain pens were the choice of writing instrument. “HERO pen” was in the top of the order. Selecting and replacing the nib was an act of wizardry. Subsequently, the “Pilot pen” started replacing the Hero.

Sky Blue coloured Inland letter used to cost 50 P. Easily foldable (then). We had Pen Pals. I don’t remember when I last saw the Inland letter or for that…. a kakhi dressed Post man!! Are they extinct?? I bet any email cant give you the feel of reading a real letter and that too when delivered by Dorai Uncle (Old Postman).

A ride on dad’s Lambretta standing in the front! Bless me God!!

Covering the books a week before the school starts was an event by itself. Mickey Mouse Labels, Disney pencil box, Camlin colour pencils…. those were days.

Playing under the scorching Sun, getting drenched in rain was never fretted. Cycling a 20 KM distance was no great shakes.

I feel technology while trying to bring people closer, has successfully managed to increase the distance a person from his self!

All I want is peace and not pace, good food and not fast food, get back my innocence. God, help me make my life less complicated.

Ippadikku - Sri