Thursday, October 8, 2009

I know him.. that guy!!

My dog's vet's nephew's teacher's uncle's son's brother's friend's sister is a Nobel laureate.

Its heartening to see the way India(at least the media OR polits) want to associate itself to any success story with any godamn remote Indian connection.

I mean.. look at the front paper of any Indian news paper today.
"INDIA BORN Venky Ramakrishnan bags a Nobel Prize". If its for the sake of news the title should have been "Venky Ramakrishnan bags a Nobel Prize". The state feels proud, Indian Scientific fraternity comes front to speak at length on Venky's profeciency.

Sadly, this isnt the first time..

"India Born Kalpana Chawla",
"Sunita Williams of Indian origin",
"Indira Nooyi:India's new global face"
"Manoj KNIGHT shyamalan - The Indian Boy"
"India-born Vinod Dham"
"Sabeer Bhatia - Indian IT Poster boy"

... the list continues

What did India do to see them where they are there today??

OK. Message taken. Indians have the potential!

Then the State should give them the platform. Encourage them.. Or else we will keep looking at "Indian born" and "of Indian origin" making it to the Nobel and Pulitzer and not an "Indian" making it.



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