Thursday, July 16, 2009

Once upon a time in India...

I represent a generation that grew up listening AIR( All India Radio). Our days started with “Seidhigal Vaasipadhu” Saroj Narayanaswamy. Our lives were less complicated then…We never woke up to the front page of news papers covering “serial bomb blasts”, “day light rapes” or “abortion at schools”. Page 3 is the page number 3. No more significance.

DD was reigning supreme then (obv). No TRP crap!! Krishi Dharshan, Vayalum Vhaazhvum, Ramayan, MahaaaaaBhaaarat, Malgudi Days (Swameeeeee), StoneBoy, Humlog etc. “Rukavat ke liye kedh hai” is a message that was universally accepted. Never seen a Pump Set Advert that flaunts a micro clad model. The moment the hero and heroine come within an arms distance, the scene changes to a bee hovering over a fresh bloom flower.

Sundays were sheer fun. Rangoli followed by HE-MAN, Amma’s special vengaya sambar and urulakazhangu kari + Appalam. Kodi kuduthalum adhukku nigar illai.

Pasta and Pizza were like UFOs to us. Have heard about them but never seen it. Never realized when fast food came into our lives.

Should we need to talk to an STD number, we wait till 9:00 PM so that it would be half the charge. The conversations were loud and short! For that matter, having a telephone at home would differentiate your strata then.

Fountain pens were the choice of writing instrument. “HERO pen” was in the top of the order. Selecting and replacing the nib was an act of wizardry. Subsequently, the “Pilot pen” started replacing the Hero.

Sky Blue coloured Inland letter used to cost 50 P. Easily foldable (then). We had Pen Pals. I don’t remember when I last saw the Inland letter or for that…. a kakhi dressed Post man!! Are they extinct?? I bet any email cant give you the feel of reading a real letter and that too when delivered by Dorai Uncle (Old Postman).

A ride on dad’s Lambretta standing in the front! Bless me God!!

Covering the books a week before the school starts was an event by itself. Mickey Mouse Labels, Disney pencil box, Camlin colour pencils…. those were days.

Playing under the scorching Sun, getting drenched in rain was never fretted. Cycling a 20 KM distance was no great shakes.

I feel technology while trying to bring people closer, has successfully managed to increase the distance a person from his self!

All I want is peace and not pace, good food and not fast food, get back my innocence. God, help me make my life less complicated.

Ippadikku - Sri


Nithya said...

both of us seem to have the same sense of is universal but what am trying to say is that...we miss similar things!

iyer said...

True... very true.

Pavitra K said...

gr8 blog :) had fun reading through the entries...this particular brought my childhood in front of my eyes again..i can still remember street hawk, dying to watch hindi movies on sat evenings and tamil movies on sunday evenings and not to miss the regional movies on sunday afternoon...those were the days of real fun...thanks for making me nostalgic :)

Poorani Arunprasad said...

Nicw blog... I remember when Top 10 songs program was started, we'd secretly pray that our parents fall asleep before that... The other fun parts were songs in DD.. Cartoon teachers teaching kids!! For one min, I felt I've become a child again while reading this blog!!